• Full compliance with traffic rules and TruckersMP rules at all time. 
  • Every last day of each quarter (1 quarter is equal to 10 days), the Staff Management checks driver activity and makes a decision to dismiss employees in case of low activity. The minimum required turnout is 2 times per quarter. If a violation is detected, the driver is transferred to the «candidate for dismissal» status. After that, the driver is given 3 days to contact his team supervisor. Failure to do so by the end of the set period, will result in the driver being dismissed from the company. 
  • When joining the company, the trainee is given 2 weeks to get the minimum required number of points — 16. After achieving the required number of points, the driver receives the status «Transfer into Junior Driver category» and queue for the category exam. After the end of the trial period, the driver has a maximum of 3 days to pass the exam, otherwise he is dismissed with reason «did not pass the trial period». 
  • The appearance and movement of the road Calais-Duisburg, the road from the city of Kirkenes to the company «MVM» (ProMods) and other sections with heavy traffic is allowed, if this happens from time to time. In case of abuse towards this point in the rules or receiving a ban in the TruckersMP network (provided that the ban is objective), you will be unconditionally dismissed without the right to return. 
  • Drivers must have a microphone and discord installed as well. 
  • Your nickname on TruckersMP site must match the nicknames on the Discord server and the company’s website. 
  • You agree to avoid conflict situations (even if you are provoked by other players). You agree to communicate culturally with drivers and employees of the company and third parties. Prohibited profanity, insulting drivers, spam, trolling, advertising other VTC and groups. It is forbidden to use any obscene content in personal profiles that are directly related to the company. It is forbidden to harass members of the company and TruckersMP on gender, sexual and other grounds. Escalating the situation by discussing world politics is strictly prohibited. 
  • It is forbidden to discredit the honor and dignity of the company. Inappropriate behavior in game will result in an unconditional dismissal. 
  • It is forbidden to attend company’s events under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 
  • Single driving on servers must be in full attributes of the company (company tag [IMPERIAL] ,specific tag, etc.,) Exception — color truck/trailer. 
  • The company does not allow using any type of cheats. An exception is made for downloading a profile with a completed game versionViolation of this rule, will result in a dismissal from the company and  blacklisting as well. We also cooperate with the Game Moderation Team of TruckersMP. Refer to the rule (of §2.1 TruckersMP). 
  • It is strictly prohibited to use any type of attributes from other companies and communities. 
  • Keep a distance of 90 (+-20) meters in the TAB menu (if the player is «lagging» then the distance is up to 130m). If you are «lagging» a lot, then warn the administration in advance. 
  • Convoy can move to a red light only outside densely populated areas, if this is not an obstacle to other participants in the movement and if your actions are safe. Compliance with traffic lights and road priority signs in urban areas is strictly required for each participant in the convoy. 
  • The company uses a modification of the TruckersMP project. Any third-party projects and resources from TruckersMP that provide such features are not allowed to be used within the company.

All members of VTC «Imperial Trucking Company» should follow with these rules.
The full set of the rules will be available after joining to the company.